Global InfoAnalytics

Global InfoAnalytics is a nonpartisan company that provides data-driven research and insights on politics, policy and business strategy for local and international organisations for better decision-making.

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Our Vision

To become a renowned independent market research company and pollster in the world.


About us

Global InfoAnalytics Ltd, is a research company in Accra, Ghana - the trusted foundation for decision making; we earn that trust through the application of sophisticated methodologies to the real-world problems of companies, political organisations and policy and strategic decision-makers.

Global InfoAnalytics has uniquely addressed the market demand for big data analytics solutions and services and provide clients with cost effective and result oriented service-offerings that enables them to gain the competitive edge...

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Our Solemn Pledge to Clients

  • We ensure that we are fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations pertaining to our services.
  • To uphold good ethics and professionalism throughout our work
  • We will at all times demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through active participation in our communities by integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible.
  • We guarantee a timely delivery of project within your budget.
  • To hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, by meeting our clients’ needs precisely and completely.
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Our mission

To promote a data-driven culture by providing real time analytics, deep-dive insights and ad-hoc reporting support to our clients in unearthing the hidden value in their data.

Global Reserach

Our research services provides economic, markets and business related research for clients across the world.

Public Opinion Polling

We provide political polling, data analysis and strategies to enable clients strategise to win elections. We conduct public polling as well as internal polling for organisations and candidates.

Data Analytics and Modelling

We provide our clients with financial modelling and forecasting expertise necessary to support investments and financial transactions. We help our clients leverage new technology, to create brilliant analytics solutions.

Corporate Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Survey

In today’s business climate, employee job satisfaction and employee engagement are important for organizational sustainability. A well performing organization understands that measuring employees’ contentment levels and emotional commitment to the organization on a regular basis can put the organization at a competitive advantage. Understanding the key drivers of both employee satisfaction and employee engagement is necessary. It is important to put actionable strategies in place to optimize these drivers for employees across the organization.

360 degrees appraisal survey

360-degree feedback is a development process that provides a safe environment for a person to receive candid feedback from peers, supervisors, subordinates, and other individuals with relationships key to his or her success. This form of appraisal, which is carried out in conjunction with the other normal appraisal has evolved to become a very effective management tool in employee development.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction survey provides insight into how your customers perceive and interact with your brand. It helps you to develop service strategies that are more in line with the perspectives of your customer.

Our Team

Global InfoAnalytics is a thriving business run by one of the brilliant talented team.


Mr. Mussa K. Dankwah

Executive Director

Ms. Rita Aisha Atta

Market Research Assistant

Mrs. Huzaimat
Abdul Mumin


Justice Annan

IT Executive