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These courses have been specifically designed for modelers, project sponsors and advisors to enable them to develop a toolbox of techniques to help them successfully implement the methods to maintain the highest quality of work.

Financial Modelling

Data Analysis and Financial Model Training

Global InfoAnalytics offers the unique opportunity to develop your career as a data scientist by providing a modular and staged approach to modelling training. The course will include:

  • Learning key concepts in data acquisition, preparation, exploration and visualisation taught alongside practical application.
  • Excel Training (intermediate and advanced) and the development of useful building blocks for creating models.
  • Financial Modelling; a crucial skill for project development – central to the decision-making process.
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) transaction modelling
  • Public Sector Transaction modelling (value for money)
  • The mechanics of modelling, understanding the linkages between inputs, results and the design.